Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maureen Lang's All in Good Time ~ Reviewed

Maureen Lang
Release Date   Mar 22, 2013 
Publisher   Tyndale House Publishers 
Series  Gilded Legacy   
ISBN  1414364474 


Dessa Caldwell has a dream: to open Pierson House, a refuge for former prostitutes in Denver's roughest neighborhood. But after exhausting all charitable donations, Dessa still needs a loan, and nearly every bank in town has turned her down. Her last hope hinges on the owner of Hawkins National Bank.Henry Hawkins has a secret: though he owns the most successful bank in town, his initial capital came from three successful raids on Wells Fargo coaches. Now he's the most eligible bachelor in Denver, but to protect his criminal past, he's built a fortress around his heart. Not even the boldest matchmaking mother can tempt him . . . until the day Dessa Caldwell ventures into his bank requesting a loan.Though he's certain her proposal is a bad investment, Henry is drawn to Dessa's passion. But that same passion drives her to make rash decisions about Pierson House . . . and about whom she can trust. One man might hold the key to the future of her mission--but he also threatens to bring Henry's darkest secrets to light. As the walls around their hearts begin to crumble, Henry and Dessa must choose between their plans and God's, between safety and love.


All In Good Time is about a young woman named Dessa Caldwell and takes place in Denver in the late 1800’s. Dessa has a heart for the young women who are involved in prostitution and feel there is no way out. Through her determination, she is given a loan from Hawkins National Bank to open the Pierson House, a refuge for these women. The owner of the bank Henry Hawkins did not okay the loan. He thinks it is a bad investment and doesn’t expect her to make a go of it. Henry has closed himself off from society, mainly due to not being able to forgive himself for past sins. As the story progresses, he finds his heart warming towards this young woman, and she finds the feeling is mutual. However, they begin to run into obstacles that could shut down the Pierson House for good. As they struggle against the evil in their city, they also have to come to terms with their past sins and realize they have forgiveness through their Heavenly Father.

This book was wonderful! I had a hard time putting it down. I could relate with Dessa as she struggled with past mistakes. None of us are perfect so I think all women can relate. It was great to see her grow throughout the story. I felt the same about Henry. He had spent so many years trying to be good to cover up his past mistakes, that he had a hard time forgiving himself and realizing that he had forgiveness through Jesus Christ. This was a very encouraging book and I highly recommend it!

Reviewed by: Sarah Meyers

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